Received from_________________________________the amount of $_________ as a deposit for_____________________________born _______________. (Deposits are  NON-REFUNDABLE).

The puppy will come with:

__________Full AKC registration

_________ Limited AKC registration(not to be used for breeding purposes)

_________No AKC papers

Buyer does not guarantee size, color, features of above said puppy when grown.  The remaining balance is $_____________ (cash only). If above said  puppy is being shipped the remaining balance is due in postal money order only. It is understood that if the buyer changes their mind regarding the purchase of the said puppy for any reason, they will automatically forfeit the deposit.  If for some reason if the above said puppy should become ill or injured before leaving my home, a full refund of the deposit is guaranteed by the seller.

The seller reserves the right to cancel any sale at any time if the feel it is not in the best interest of the puppy.

Buyer has until _____________to pay and pick up the above said puppy or relinquishes all rights to the puppy, and  then the puppy will then be available for purchase to another buyer.

I have read and do agree to the above terms.

Agreed to on this date__________

Buyer’s signature_____________________________________ 
Buyer’s phone #_____________________________________

Seller’s signature____________________________________